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From salty-desert top to glacier-crowded bottom, Chile is a gobsmacking reminder of nature's beauty and power. This narrow trickle of a country is jammed with enough geysers, mountains, beaches, forests and volcanos to keep adventure nuts slavering for a lifetime.

Although no one says no to a casual meander along its grand urban boulevards, travellers are mostly drawn to this string bean of a country because of its spectacular Pacific coastline and Andean highlands, and because of the opportunities it offers for adventure sports.

Chile's distinctive culture has survived the violence and repression of its recent history and is thriving once again thanks to a people noted for their warmth and resilience. Despite having the most European community in South America, indigenous traditions persist in the Andean foothills and in the southern plains, while some of South America's finest national parks draw trekkers and guanaco spotters alike.

Full country name: Republic of Chile
Area: 748,800 sq km
Population: 15.5 million
Capital City: Santiago (pop 5,000,000)
People: 95% European descent & mestizo, 5% Indian
Language: Spanish; Castilian, Rapanui, Aymara
Religion: 89% Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant, less than 1% Jewish
Government: Republic
Head of State: President Ricardo Lagos Escobar

GDP: US$184 billion
GDP per capita: US$12,500
Annual Growth: 3.5%
Inflation: 4.5%
Major Industries: Copper, fishmeal, wine
Major Trading Partners: USA, Japan, Germany, UK

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